Essential Mattress Type and Accessories for Side Sleepers

Mattresses play a vital role in determining a person’s mood. Here we have discussed all the best beds for side sleepers.


Internal rubber chambers provide support in an inflatable airbed mattress. By filling the rooms with air or by removing air when required, the firmness is adjustable. The beds are often remotely controlled or can be combined with a smartphone application. The integrated pump can be adjusted to your needs. Usually, this type of mate has comfort layers of foam, latex, wool, or any other fiber.

Highlight: Sustainability customizable. An airbed mattress offers customizable strength for side sleepers who don’t know their preferred strength level or find their needs changing. Some airbed mattresses have two air chambers so that people sharing the bed can individually adjust their faces. Some models include even the adjustment of different body parts. This may mean that firmness under the shoulders and hips is adjusted for the side sleepers to keep the spine in line.


The foam mattress is equipped with comfort layers and foam support. Often made from layers of memory space, this comfort system includes traditional viscoelastic spray, open-cell foam, or gel-infused spray. The base is usually built with high-density polyfoam for additional support and durability.

Highlight: Pressure coiling points. Contours of memory foam close to the body and reacts to pressure and coiling areas such as hips and shoulders. This promotes proper alignment of the spinal cord for side sleepers and reduces pain and soreness.

Essential Accessories for Sleeping on Your Side

The most important purchase for side sleepers is a mattress that offers full-body support and contouring. The bed can be further customized to make the side sleep more comfortable, with sleep accessories like pills and mattress tops. Pillows ensure alignment of head and neck while mattress tops can change the bed comfort system. To make both comfort and support, it is important to realize what to look for in these sleep accessories.


A pillow to the head is necessary to align the spinal cord when you sleep on your side. A medium or high loft pillow should raise your head to maintain alignment between the head and neck with the spine. This alleviates neck and shoulders pressure. The table below shows the perfect sleeping position pillow loft.

A knee pillow (or regular pillows) can also be used to customize your position of sleep and relieve aches and pain, as well as to have a convenient pad under your mind. Side beds can be drawn slightly towards the thorn, and a pillow between the knees can be placed. This helps to maintain alignment of the hips and the spine.

Mattress Toppers

A mattress top is a comfort layer on top of the mattress that you already have. Memory foam, latex, or other common layering materials are usually used for toppers. Adding a thicker layer of comfort to your current mattress can increase the outline level and the pressure point relief provided by your bed. It helps reduce back and articular pain. You can test this material without committing to a new memory foam mattress if you pick a memory foam mattress top. While you don’t experience all the benefits of a topper-only memory foam mattress, it’s cheaper than buying a whole new mattress. If you choose your material, it can also be a step for a new bed.

Make sure you check the current status of your mattress before you buy a mattress topper. A mattress topper improves mattress comfort, but it does not support or fix a broken bed. It’s time for an entirely new mate if your mattress is decaying or unbeatable.

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